Lauren Brown


In Lauren's words…
Knowing what is right and wrong for you in terms of your health can sometimes be quite confusing, and working with a Health & Wellness coach could be just what you need. But is coaching for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you need a coach to help you "get healthy":

Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel frustrated?

Do you feel confused by mixed messages in the media regarding what is healthy and what is not?

Are you unsure of what "healthy" actually means for you personally, but just know you need to make some kind of change?

To be entirely honest, over the years I had my own struggles with figuring out what "healthy" meant for me and have answered "yes" to all of the above. Even with my education, I still fell prey to popular culture's definition of how a woman's body should look and perform, and what I should and should not eat. But, what ended up working for me was digging deep with an amazing coach and over time learning what my body actually wanted and needed.

Ultimately, I determined what "healthy" looked and felt like for me.

These personal experiences have directly influenced my approach to women's health & wellness coaching. I think of it kind of like a matchmaking service: I assist my clients to discover and define what the healthiest version of themselves would look like, and then help them create the plan and path to not only meet, but ultimately become this new person!

My goal is to always provide my clients with a supportive environment where they safe to express themselves without judgement. If the idea of working with me to meet your "new you" sounds exciting and inspiring, please reach out to set up a free 20 minute consultation at I am located in the downtown core and in addition to working with women in-person, over the phone and on-line, I am available for "walking sessions" should location and time permit.

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