Lauren Brown

After being tired of going on countless weight loss programs and feeling completely confused about health and nutrition I turned to Lauren Brown.

During our first meeting Lauren helped me to visualize my goals and helped me to set really small goals as I had a tendency to create huge weight loss goals and become overwhelmed.

From that moment, she helped me to block out all of my negativity and helped me see that I was worthy of making a change. I didn’t need to set “weight loss goals.” Instead I needed to start setting “healthy living goals.” Through this she helped me with my issues surrounding body negativity and disordered eating.

Lauren wasn’t intimidating at all and was really friendly and funny. She was up for anything and even met me at the grocery store one day to help me make healthier alternatives for foods I would actually eat.

She didn’t place any kind of health program on me and would just take all of the information I gave her offering some helpful tips so that I could lead a healthier life. Even with all of her knowledge and schooling she didn’t come across as someone who was preaching at me or filling me with information I wouldn’t use. Instead, she talked to me on my level. She really listened and really cared about seeing me succeed.

I’d recommend Lauren to absolutely everybody! Whether you are like me and are new to the idea of being healthy OR if you are a bodybuilder looking for a new nutrition plan – she can do it all.

Thank-you Lauren for helping me gain confidence and for helping me begin to love my body.

Sarah Wreford, Secondary Teacher

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