Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown


One of the key motivators to elicit a change in behaviour is awareness, and education is one of the tools essential to facilitate that change.

More and more, companies are providing learning opportunities to their employees, whether it is tuition reimbursement programs, or in-house training sessions. Employees who take part in these offerings often show greater motivation, productivity and ownership of their jobs.

In the workplace setting, one of the more common forms of education delivery is the “lunch and learn.” The information covered serves to provide a detailed overview of the topic at hand, with further resources outlined if desired. The reason this format of learning is so popular is because participants only attend sessions they feel are pertinent to their situation, thus creating a more relaxed environment. Here, information is more readily retained and employees feel a greater sense of personal autonomy when attendance is voluntary.

Providing education sessions to employees is an excellent way to introduce wellness into the workplace, or to enhance programming currently being offered. An investment like this is most valuable when a series of sessions are offered throughout the year. This fosters greater buy-in by employees and creates an environment where personal development is promoted and valued.

Sessions offered by INSPIRING HEALTH cover the following subject areas:

Stress management & resiliency


Work-Life balance and integration


Physical fitness

Making positive behaviour changes

Immune enhancement

Sleep & general wellbeing

Time management

Ergonomics & daily movement

(targeting those working at a desk)

Body image & self-confidence

Sessions can also be incorporated into staff meetings, and thus are variable in length and are tailored specifically to the needs of your company. Please email us for more information and to learn about session topics in greater detail.

Lauren Brown is a smart, sassy, engaging and knowledgeable trainer and facilitator. She has provided wellness sessions for our customers in a variety of employment sectors – and without fail, she has been a "hit". She tailors her presentation style to meet her audience's needs, and she delivers her material with excellence and flair.

ADRIENNE CROWDER Senior Account Manager & Manager of Organizational Wellness, Homewood Human Solutions, Guelph

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