Mediterranean Diet: Yes, Artifical Sweeteners: No

 Quick post today, but it seemed timely since Nutrition Month is about to start in T- 2 days (i.e. March 1). There has been information published in the media focusing on nutrition and our health, and yay, for once, it’s easy to understand.

Recently the New England Journal of Medicine published and article confirming, once again, that the Mediterranean diet can help decrease the incidence of heart attack and stroke (Canada’s #1 killer of both men & women!). This means a diet which is high in good fats (olive oil, raw nuts, avocados), beans, fish, and fruits & veg, produced some incredible results. The scientists running the study actually stopped it after 5 years (which was earlier than originally planned) because the benefits were so clear, it was unethical to continue their research. To learn more about this study, here is an article from the New York Times which goes into more detail!

And for those of you still consuming diet-something-or-other, which includes good ol’ aspartame and sucralose (i.e. Splenda), you are likely doing the opposite of what you hoped.  The CBC posted an article and video a bit back highlighting just how dangerous these touted “harmless” chemicals are.  Not only do they increase the likelihood of you GAINING weight, scientists believe they are also responsible for rewiring your brain!?!!  Watch the video below and see for yourself:

And if you have more than a moment, and are interested in nutrition, I am going to recommend the documentary Hungry for Change again.  There is even scarier evidence regarding why aspartame deserves its label of an “endotoxin” and should never be touched again.  (oh, and if you’re saying, “Lauren, Miss Scientific Study, it has been clinically proven to not be harmful,” guess what?  As per the documentary, 90% of the studies were industry-funded, not run by the FDA.  Hmmm)




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