Holy Gratitude, Batman!

IMG_3805First off, is 11:30am too early to have a hot chocolate?  I am going to say no, it’s Saturday, and I feel like it.  Because baby, it’s cold outside!  And I’m having a very self-indulgent day today.  It’s miserable out, the GTA is whimpering under it’s first real snowfall, and I have decided to stay on condo lock-down to get a whole lotta stuff done today.  And this blog has been whispering at me for a while now.

My last entry was August, and I was right, it really was the start of something new.  And also the beginning of becoming super busy.  There have been news stories which have come and gone that I thought, “I should write about that!” and never did.  But, as it’s always been with me, to write I have to feel the urge to do so.  As I have said in the past, and always when I facilitate, a wise woman once told me to never “should all over my life,” so I waited until the moment was right.  And the hot chocolate was ready…

As I wrote two years ago, this time of year can be very challenging and stressful and it is always good to take a step back and check in on what’s driving all of it.  This year I have also felt myself getting caught up in everything (i.e. being human), so I have had to take my own advice.  It’s easy to have your intuition drowned out by Frank (Sinatra) or Micheal (Bublé) and to be blinded by tinsel and twinkling lights, but it’s important to clear some space in your mind for the inner wisdom to come forward.  So that has meant me saying “no” to some events (and for a social gal like myself, this is big), “no” to crazy present spending, and “yes” to some extra zzz’s.  It’s also shown up as extra $$ spent on healthy groceries to balance out the Advent Calendar chocolate consumption and yoga instead of the treadmill because I just needed to slow down.

As the title of this entry says, what has also appeared in these quiet moments is a whole bunch of gratitude when I reflect on just how lucky I feel to be living the life I have.  2013 has been pretty epic with my business being the busiest it’s ever been, a new boss and coworkers who are like family, supportive friends who make me laugh until I cry, and my actual fam, who I’m pretty sure I couldn’t function without.  I’m healthy, the people I care about are as well, and in a couple of days I get to be with them to celebrate everything that is fantastic about this time of year!

I hope 2013 has been full of all things that are important to you, and here’s to an abundantly amazing new year ahead! 😉

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