What I learned today*: Hug it out!

(*I actually posted about this on my twitter last week, but am still getting a handle on all of the social media obligations I have created for myself as of late!)

When’s the last time you gave or received a great BIG hug?  Even from someone who has it written down in some never-seen contract that because they’re family, they have to hug you?  Hopefully it has been recently.  For me?  It was last night from a good friend, and yup, I do dig me these kinds of warm fuzzies.

And science supports it too!  There is more and more research coming forward proving just how valuable physical connection is for us mere mortals, and hugs are right up there.  Check out this great article from Huffington Post outlining seven, SEVEN!!, health-promoting effects of hugs, including lower blood pressure, decreased stress and the release of oxytocin (our feel-good “love” hormone).

The article also states that adults appear to receive the greatest amount of benefit from hugs, so all of our cultural nonsense about “real” men and women needing to be 100% independent and infallibly stoic is hooey!  So chuck those thoughts out, and hug it out!

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