Tweeting the Dream on #SocialMedia

Man, I used to be anti-Twitter.  I used to think “What in the heck do I have to say that is so important that I need to share it with the masses?  Aren’t we over-sharing enough!?!”  But people kept on me, stating, “Lauren, you need to be on Twitter to grow your business.  That’s how everyone is doing it!  It helps people get to know YOU.”  So, after a lot of thought, and as mentioned in a previous blog post, I gave in (and if you aren’t following me on Twitter, check check check me out here).

Since becoming a Tweeter (is that a thing?), I’ve done a lot of reading on building one’s brand on social media and am doing my best.  Some days it feels easy, other days not so much.  The blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, and maybe that speaks to the ease of 140-characters-or-less.  That being said, it can be hard to limit my naturally-verbose-ex-sales-person ways when being forced to be oh so terribly concise!  But I am proud to say, I have yet to type u instead of you or 2 instead of two, too, or to, because, well, I just can’t.  I think Mrs. Faulds, my OAC English teacher, would be proud.

My latest idea (which came to me one night while lying waiting for the Zzzz’s to hit) was to create a gratitude challenge called #FeelTheLoveFebruary where I tweet at least once a day about something I am grateful for.  I am keenly aware I didn’t come up with this concept myself, but do love me the effects of focusing on the little things that bring joy.  And I will be totally honest and share that this time of year is hard for me, and that the Winter Blahs seem to be most pronounced in February.  But, now 5 days into it, I’m loving it!  Today I tweeted about having a networking coffee walk with the lovely Brittany Marshall and her sweet puppy Storm.  Who DOESN’T love getting to hang with a puppy!?!  And also meeting a fellow entrepreneur :)

So, should the movement hit you, join in and tweet out the love!  There’s ample research showing that practicing gratitude can have a wonderful effect on mood and shifting your perspective.  So really, what do you have to lose?

P.S. I had to take a pic of this nugget of wisdom I discovered in the aforementioned reading.  Obviously in the photo I focused on the advice highlighting that Jägerbombs and Twitter don’t mix, but upon closer inspection the bottom heading is equally wise.  And also what I thought was a given…lol


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