A new way to look at weight: Edmonton Obesity Staging System

When determining one’s risk for disease, doctors have a variety of testing methods at their finger tips. One key determinant is a person’s weight and amount of body fat they are carrying (and where it is carried on the body). In our weight-obsessed culture, having a spare once (or more!) has many an implication, but the general consensus seems to be that people who are obese or very overweight, automatically are at greater risk for disease and illness. Earlier last week, I learned about a new type of health screening tool which counters this perspective. It is called the “Edmonton Obesity Staging System”. Its use and applicability were tested by research teams at the University of Alberta and at York University, with positive results published in two separate medical journals.

I have attached a link to an article posted on Global Lethbridge’s website for more information. It appears that this tool has the possibility to really alter the way we look at weight and its implications on our health and wellbeing. Let us give a round of applause to the amazing research that continues to come out of this great country of ours!


PSĀ  Sorry for the extremely long link! :)


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