Although the definition and articulation of “wellness in the workplace” varies from one organization to another, it is a movement which Corporate Canada is endorsing readily. The rationale for providing this type of programming varies, from increasing employee engagement, to attracting and retaining top talent. Others make the investment as a means to lessen drug costs and better manage absenteeism and disability rates. Whatever the motivating factors may be, when companies make such an investment in their employees, they are creating an environment where their staff experiences support and a true sense of value. The mission of Inspiring Health is to help companies determine the ideal expression of wellness in their workplace. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how these initiatives can benefit not only your organization, but ultimately the employees to which they are being offered.

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Lauren Brown MSc, WWHP, CHWC
Certified Health & Wellness Coach
and Workplace Wellness Faciltator
& Consultant
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